The creative lie

12 Chapters on Glenn Gould

In 1990 an editor at the ambitious weekly Weekendavisen offered ad libitum space for me to write about classical music, thus initiating an ultra-slow shift of focus which made me increasingly see the word "author" in front of my name. Which at first seemed odd. But I slowly came to think of myself as also a writer. My essays for Weekendavisen took hold during the 90s with articles for magazines, and my first collection of essays was issued in 1998. Eventually leading to an urge to ... write a real book. Feeling unsure about producing coherent literature on such a scale, I was amazed how effortlessly a book about the legendary pianist Glenn Gould came into being. By increasingly exchanging the concert hall for recording, television, film, radio documentaries and composing, Gould was in my vie the modern soloist par excellence.

Gyldendal 2001, 120 pages