The third man

Joseph Haydn

Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven" we say, with about the same obviousness as we say Huey, Dewey and Louie in Donald Duck. But today, the trinity is a bit of a stretch, compared to the status of Mozart and Beethoven no doubt Haydn has lagged behind, often as a "warm-up" to the real thing (Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, etc.). The perception of him as ingenious, but harmless is tenacious. But in spite of working for 30 years at a remote princely court, Joseph Haydn became the undisputed leading figure of his time. And the story of modern concert hall music begins with him. After publishing a number of books about very different composers, it may seem odd to say that he is the one you have always wanted to write about. And yet it is true:  Haydn and his music has followed me since boyhood. He was always there, just like parents. A symbol of life and music without struggle and tears, quietly emphasising the obvious: That life is worth living!

Gyldendal 2022, 256 pages