Music in our reality

23 essays on music and people

Because music may so often seem incorporeal, we tend to forget how tightly it is connected to even the simplest forms of life. Music connects us with our world.


  • Music and memory
  • The experience, analysis and teaching of music 
  • Music and reality
  • Present, a decomposed past?
  • Music of the eyes? - Cinema of the ears?
  • Ceating music - some personal confessions


  • The red-haired priest - Antonio Vivaldi
  • To say Schubert
  • Schubert and the symphony that dissapeared
  • Love and power - Richard Wagner
  • Only what is lost is forever owned - Gustav Mahler
  • V.E.R.D.I.
  • The long Farewell - Jean Sibelius
  • When genius is not enough - Feruccio Busoni
  • Shostakovich and his ventriloquist
  • Jekyll and Hyde - Otto Klemperer
  • Tradition without tradition - an American panorama


  • I have a dream ...
  • The future of music
  • About artistic quality
  • Democracy and art
  • Play Danish, bloody dog!
  • It's all about making an effort
Gyldendal 2012, 248 pages