A tight-chested genius

Antonio Vivaldi

The name Vivaldi is among the best known in all classical music, known all over the world. And some of his works are among the most often played and heard in Western music history. However even some of the most basic facts about his life have been known only fairly recently, and unbelievable as it may sound, his music was totally forgotten for more than 150 years. Intense Vivaldi-studies were undertaken only as late as the 1950'ies. So only now do we know that Vivaldi was suffering from a tight chest all his life, making his immense work and his activity as a violin soloist even more impressive.
With his current popularity, however, he will never again be forgotten, and one secure reason is the four concertos for violin known as The Four Seasons. They are now so popular indeed that we sometimes may listen to them as a kind of pop music. That motivated me to create this new version, certainly  not intending to recompose a mesterwork, just to underline and highlight some aspects of the music which were very  innovative in his own time. And thus hoping to rejuvenate our experience of this great work today.

Multivers 2023, 269 pages