The Ballad of Game and Dream

These works were composed in the period 1975-1986, when  Karl Aage Rasmussen’s ensemble The Elsinore Players was particularly active, with numerous concerts, world premieres, musicodramatic productions and tours to countries all over the world. These are crucial, watershed works in the composer’s oeuvre, several of them with classic status in Danish and international contemporary music. Rasmussen’s works trace links between intense nostalgia and the spirit of play in a sometimes almost circus-like expressive idiom. The composer himself conducts, and has also been responsible for the production of these unique recordings.

Italian Concerto, Pianissimo Furioso, Berio Mask
A Ballad of Game and Dream

The Elsinore Players

For soprano and baritone voices with flute, violin, clarinet, vibraphone and piano 

The Elsinore Players
Soloists Bodil Gümoes and  

Fugue (soloists: Erik Kaltoft, Søren Bagger and Frans Hansen)

Love is in the World (soloist Bodil Gümoes with members of TheElsinore Players

Strain (soloist Erik Kaltoft)

Lonesome (soloist Erling Møldrup)

A Ballad of Game and Dream

Kærligheden er i Verden (Love is in the World)

Berio Mask


Italiensk Koncert (Italian concerto)

Pianissimo Furioso


Encore VIII - Fuga


Dacapo, 2001