Voz Nueva – Musica Impura

Written for ”Trio Celeste” (voice, guitar and percussion)

Some of the most wellknown romantic poems in Danish literature, Erotiske situationer (Erotic scenes) by Emil Aarestrup are set against very simple, banal popular lovesongs, creating a new setting for both types of expression. Ang maybe posing the question: Is "high" and "low" art equally truthful in portraying human life and love? The poems were published in 1838, when the poet decided to publish all his poems in one single collection.

Ved Huset, Tilbageholdenhed, I Blæsten, Kanefarten, I Haven, Det Ubegribelige, Skovensomhed, Blikket and Angst.

Trio Voz Nueva
Signe Asmussen, soprano
Frederik Munk Larsen, guitar
Henrik Larsen, slagtøj

Kærligheden er i Verden (Love is in the World)

The Royal Academy of Music, 2013