The Four Seasons after Vivaldi

Within the musical world it is a popular idea that music ought ideally to sound precisely as it did when it was composed, i.e. be played based on the customs and conditions which applied at that particular time. Musical interpretation, however, is always grounded in the present, it is inevitably subject to the conceptual frameworks which apply when it takes place. And the score, the texts, the old mute notes or words, conceal as much as they reveal. There is no ideal line to be adopted, no truth – the work only exists as ever-new approaches – notes are music asleep. To search for the work in a definite form is like searching for the dark with a candle in one’s hand.

The Four Seasons after Vivaldi”
Soloists: Fredrik From and Peter Spissky

Follia, follia (madness – a very old melody)

Gli ucelli (after Pasquini, de Gallot and Rameau)

Concerto Copenhagen
Conducted by Magnus Fryklund


Follia, follia ...

Gli ucelli (The birds)

Dacapo, 2019