Music for Piano

Etudes and Postludes (1989-90). The title suggests two kinds of music: something which seems far away, maybe almost out of reach, but which you try nevertheless to embrace; and something close and familiar which you are taking leave of. Thus, in a sense, the pieces form a diary. ‘The Postludes allude to other musics, former music of my own and of others. The Etudes open new doors-they make use of working strategies and mind models that were quite new to me at the time.

Barcarole (1996). It has happened only very rarely to me that things from the “real” world make a mark on my music. This piece, however, may be one of those rare instances. In 1995-96 I spent several months in the city of Venice. On an ice-cold mornin in January of 1996, in this tourist-pestered, sinking city where beauty and decay merges, I suddenly became aware of a churchbell, ringing incessantly in a mechanical, unreal way, like a clockwork.

Pianist: Rolf Hind

Etudes and Postludes


Contrary Dances

Bridge records, 1998